Train for Figure, Bikini or Physique Competition

Why do you need a contest
prep coach?

Anyone who is interested in getting on stage to participate in a bikini or figure competition needs aspecific 12-week regimen for dieting, weight liftingand cardio. Our experienced team of professionals can develop a regimen tailor made for your succes

What will the plan consist of?

  • You will receive a figure or bikini diet based on your nutrition needs and weight/fat loss goals.
  • Your optimal body fat loss, a lifting schedule to sculpt your bodyperfectly and a supplement schedule to compliment the diet plan.
  • We have a very detailed guideline handbook that will spell out everything from tanning to makeup to suit choice to help you present yourself at your best.
  • You will also have bi-weekly/weekly check-in appointments to make sure you're on track to reaching your goals.

12 or 16 Week Contest Coaching

Includes Figure, Bikini or Physique Diet, Cardio Schedule, Lifting Schedule, Supplement Schedule, Reference Binder, Weekly Check-in, email and phone support.

12 or 16 Week Contest Coaching with Personal Training

Includes the above with 1-5 personal training sessions/week for 12  or 16 weeks.

PRE-Contest Coaching with Personal Training

Diet, Lifting and Cardio plan with a focus on fat loss, muscle gain & tone to get you to desired body fat % range to begin a competition prep.

12-Week Off Season Coaching

Diet, Lifting and Cardio schedule to maintain an athletic body fat %

Need hair, make-up
or photos for your
special day?

Chatman Images

Offers on-site photo shoots and stage coverage for your show day.We can coordinate on-site make-up with your shoot.

KMP's Hair Design

Hair and Make-up Services (San Leandro)
Leiandra Baker (510) 562-5816

Studio Abasi

Waxing, Make-up & Skin Care Services (Berkeley)
Shannon Carter (510) 665-5544

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